Nature's Lessons

She imparts her wisdom amidst the chaos.

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Plant growing through tile.
Plant growing through tile.

Today the world seems to be perpetually moving at such an incredible speed that finding moments of respite and investing time in building resilience has become an essential pursuit. We live in an age where the tech around connects us instantly, yet we are disconnected, isolated, and discontent at the same time...

Amidst the chaos, I encountered a profound teacher patiently waiting to imparts her wisdom: nature.

She invited me to be still and observe the resilience inherent in the natural world. If a forest devastated by wild fires can be a vibrant habitat for all the beauty in the world, maybe I can grow resilient too.

She Adapts

One of nature's most astonishing attributes is her ability to adapt. From the most beautiful of beaches to the arid desert, organisms display remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. From the prickly little cactus in the middle of a desert that stores water for moths to the tenacity of seeds germinating amidst barren landscapes after a great fire that devastates everything in its path, nature consistently reminds me that I too can adapt and do more than survive - I can thrive. When we encounter the little t or big T triggers in our lives (the chaos), we can pivot, reassess, and adjust our course like the rivers who always finds their way to sea.

She is Patient

As I sit here under the pier with the crashing sounds of the waves and the mist gently embracing my face, I am reminded that nature is often slow and deliberate. The seeds we plant with joy and expectation take months to sprout. The caterpillar awaits his painstakingly transformation into a butterfly with the threats of adversity from every side. Event the tree that gradually grows from a sapling to a mighty oak exemplify the importance of time and patience. We are engulfed in a world of instant gratification and expectations, yet she reminds us that we can develop the endurance necessary to weather storms and emerge stronger on the other side.

She Embraces Impermanence

One of the hardest things to do in life is to let go. Let go of the dreams you had that will never be realized. Let go of the relationships that are toxic but were formative to your life. Let go of the expectations that family, friends, and society have for you. Let go of that toy that reminds you of a simpler time when you were a superhero and could not wait for life to begin.

Things change, and the struggle is real...

Still, nature reminds me that change is an inherent part of the natural world. Seasons transition, tides ebb and flow, and the cycles of birth and death continue unabated. As my leg begins to go numb with the sand pressing against me, nature reminds me that nothing lasts forever and that impermanence is an essential aspect of life. And yet there is peace in this reality. Peace when I embrace that we can let go of attachments, expectations, and the fear of loss. I can be resilient when change occurs because I anticipate it, I expect it to, I welcome it to. For in this change and in the end of this season, spring is coming.

She is Interconnected

Before me is not just the pier and the waves. There are fish in that sea. There are people enjoying the thrill of being carried by the waves as they ride the surface. There is a crab that is clasping to the bottom as that wave thrashes over him. Nature is an intricate web of interdependent relationships. We are all part of a larger ecosystem, a larger story, a greater purpose...

As I bask in the interconnectedness, She teaches me the power of community and collaboration. Just as trees join together with microscopic fungal filaments to form links of networks, humans can thrive by leaning on their support networks during adversity. Growing resilient is not a solitary journey; it flourishes within the nourishing bonds of relationships.

As we sojourn in the journey called life, reconnect with the wisdom nature has to offer. We can grow resilience and face life's challenges with greater fortitude, grace, and harmony. You are not alone, you are resilient, you are needed in this interconnected web we call life.