The Power of Should

Stop should-ing yourself... it's gross!

2 min read

The word should carries immense power and influence over our lives. This six-letter word implies an obligation; often creating a sense of urgency and compulsion. The world around us is steadfast in its bombarding with societal expectations of what we should achieve, how we should look, and who we should become. Some may be self-imposed, but all can be transposed.

One of the most powerful antidotes that I have found to alleviate my problem of should-ing myself is to embrace a journey towards authenticity.

I have begun the road less traveled and started honoring my own unique journey, values, and needs, rather than comparing them to others or the perceived expectations that I manifested in my reality. I am recognizing that everyone’s path is different. What worked for that person may not necessarily work for me. I don’t even really want that for me. Yet, if you asked me a few years ago I would have coveted that experience, that opportunity, that challenge, even that suffering… because somehow, I was convinced that it was evidence that I was getting closer to the goal. The pursuit of this illusion often results with our hopes in dreams spoiled in a big pile of should.

Start with self-compassion. We must learn to treat ourselves with kindness, understanding, and forgiveness when we don’t meet the expectations we once held. When we pursue the authentic life, the simple life, the resilient warrior mentality, we engage in greater alignment with our true values, passions, and aspirations.

I chose to begin with self-reflection and embracing the imperfections that make use beautifully and wonderfully made. We can let go of comparisons when our self-worth is no longer tied to others, things, or the should of the world. We can rejoice in the beautiful journey that is unique to our story. Our achievements or appearance do not define our value or progress. We can focus and celebrate the growth we are experiencing today and remember the milestones we’ve experienced.

Redefining success under this mindset leads to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Today, I am happy to be on this journey towards a life worth living – a life where I focus on what matters…

I am letting go of the should that was weighing me down and do that which cultivates growth, fulfilling relationships, and finding joy in everyday moments.